So, here you are!

You are ready to turn the page on a conflict that’s unfolding in your life. This is great!

We’re here to help you find the resolution to this story. But to get you there, you’re going to want to know a few things.



What is Mediation?

Mediation is a collaborative problem-solving process where both you and the other person select a mediator you are confident and comfortable with.

We know that each dispute is unique. Mediators are unique too and they bring their own unique styles and processes. You can choose a mediator that best meets your needs and issues to work with you to resolve the conflict.


Benefits of Mediation


Mediation for...



  • Parenting Arrangements

  • Property & Asset Division

  • Child & Spousal Support

  • Estate Planning

  • Parenting Time

  • Parent-Teen Disputes





  • Insurance Claims

  • Disputes Between Neighbours

  • Business to Business Conflicts

  • Construction

  • Financial/Debt

  • Workplace Conflict




Why Choose Mediation?


So often when we experience conflicts in our lives, we tend to assign roles to the people involved. We see ourselves as the “hero” and we see them, whoever they are, as the “villain.” 

But in most cases, the villain isn’t a character whose intent is to make our lives difficult. This person is somebody who sees themselves as the hero of the story and you as the villain. It makes perfect sense that each person is deeply invested in their situation and of course, you believe that you are right. 

This is why it helps to bring in an impartial mediator to help each of you find a solution that works and feels like a true happy ending. Unlike most fairy tales, both the “hero” and the “villain” of the story get to experience a happy ending.



Want to Suggest Mediation?


So, are you now ready for a happy ending that keeps you in control, is creative, private, effective, and affordable?

Then the next step is to invite the other person to mediation. But how?

Use this sample letter as a guide to how you may want to write up that letter, introducing them to this option.



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