Frequently Asked Questions, Resources, and General Info.

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We’re live-streaming conflict resolution skills and information right into peoples’ Facebook News Feeds. When the time comes just open your personal Facebook account, look into your camera, and press "go live."

Our vision is that Roster Mediators will broadcast on Facebook Live at different times throughout the week, offering a VIRTUAL EXPO of valuable conflict resolution tips and advice to their networks. All of the different live sessions will be advertised beforehand (see our FAQ below for more info) and, when they're live, shared via the Mediate BC Facebook page

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DOWNLOAD: Suggested Outline & Checklist for Broadcasters (PDF)


What’s in it for me?

This initiative is a way to remind your networks of your expertise, to raise your professional profile, and to build your relationship with your networks by providing value. The more you can help people with their small problems, the more they will trust you with their big problems! As a bonus, you will be helping your community become more conflict competent. If your audience finds it helpful, they might send it to friends and family, or share it with their networks.

On top of all that, the Mediate BC Facebook page will be sharing your video as it's posted live and, through prior promotions (via Eventbrite and Facebook Ads), attracting other people to see your broadcast. We're also offering prizes: paid promotions of the top 3 most viewed Facebook Live Stream videos. You can then use those recordings for further sharing and promotion. 

All of this with the goal of raising awareness of mediation in the province, helping people develop constructive communication skills to handle conflicts, while also highlighting your conflict resolution expertise.

What SHOULD broadcasters to talk about?

We're asking broadcasters to focus on a story of a conflict that was successfully resolved. Then draw out helpful takeaways the general public could find useful in managing their own conflicts better in their daily lives. What is a story you're interested in sharing? And what are your takeaways?

How long should a broadcast be?

We recommend staying on air for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how much engagement you generate from your audience. That may seem like a lot, but most of that time could easily be filled by just answering questions and engaging with peoples' comments. 

How should I structure my livestream?

Please download and read this PDF: Suggested Outline & Checklist for Broadcasters

Who is eligible to become a broadcaster?

Anyone with experience or expertise in Conflict Resolution matters can apply to become a broadcaster. But as of now, only Roster Mediators and Associate Mediators are eligible to receive prizes.

How will Mediate BC advertise these livestreams to the public?

The Virtual Expo is being promoted via Eventbrite, a Facebook Event Page (with paid promotion), and this website.

Why Facebook Live?

Live-streaming on social media is an extremely cost-effective way to create unique content. Research has shown live videos are watched on average 3x longer than regular videos. They generate far more engagement and comments from viewers. And they’re easy to make because people generally don't have the same expectations regarding production quality.

Can I do a livestream on Youtube instead?

Sure! But if you already have a Facebook account, we strongly recommend using that. As soon as you go live on Facebook everyone in your network is automatically notified, making the potential reach far greater.

What are some tips and tricks you recommend to maximize my impact and reach?

We’re recommending all our broadcasters watch this short video on youtube, follow these important suggestions from Facebook. As well as these "ridiculously awesome" tips for how to do an effective livestream.

How can I become a broadcaster?

The Submission Deadline has passed, but if you email we might provide an exception. We’ll then get in touch to coordinate a time slot for you to broadcast Live on Facebook during Conflict Resolution Week. We’ll also get in touch by email or phone to explain how to use Facebook live and how to maximize your reach.

Do I need cameras or equipment to participate?

Yes, you will need:

1) A reliable and steady internet connection.

2) A device with access to Facebook. This can be a computer, tablet, or smartphone (preferably with a decent front-facing camera).

3) If using a tablet or smartphone, you’ll need to download the Facebook App.

4) A Facebook Account.  

How can you guarantee that I’ll get a decent audience?

We can't make any guarantees, but there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood of people tuning in

1) Give everyone advanced warning and promote the event ahead of time.

2) Write a compelling title for the livestream video.

3) Go live using your personal Facebook account.

4) Arrange for at least 1 friend or family member to tune in so that you know there is a real person on the other end. 

5) Try to be interesting, energetic, and engaging.

6) Follow these "ridiculously awesome" tips for how to do an effective livestream.